Program and Speakers

Workshop room: Sala D, follow the green signs from the main hall

Keynote Speaker

Peter Keenan, University College Dublin (UCD)
Richer Modelling of Logistics Problems Using Spacial Data
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Abstract. Modern business needs to increasingly incorporate distribution strategies which combine multiple objectives, both and economic efficiency and broader objectives such as sustainability. These objectives require specific data about business operations in addition to spatial data on the geographic area of operation of the business. Business in different sectors will operate in the same geographic area and will benefit from the availability of information on this region. Spatial data is now available in greater quantities at a lower cost than before and the integration of modern modelling algorithms with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) facilitate addressing more complex logistics problems than before.

Thursday 29 November 2018

Opening Session; 9:00- 9:30

by Javier Faulin (UPNA)


Session 1; 9:30- 11:00

Chair: Antonio Mauttone (U. Republica)

A route optimization for SSS in the north of Europe. Rosa Rios (UdC)

An integrated robust method to solve the Fleet Balancing and Update of Scheduling under Demand Uncertainty problem. Raul de Celis (URJC)

A parallel machine problem with eligibility, release and queue times of the jobs. Manel Mateo (UPC)

Modelling Turns in Transit Network Design. Antonio Mauttone (U. Republica)


Coffee Break; 11:00- 11:30


Session 2; 11:30- 13:00

Chair: Joao P. Pedroso (U. Oporto)

Stochastic Optimization for Locating a Biorefinery in Navarre (Spain). Adrian Serrano-Hernandez (UPNA)

Matheuristics for a routing in a courier company. Guillermo Gonzalez (Baobab SL)

Stochastic last-mile delivery with crowdshipping. Joao P. Pedroso (U. Oporto)


Lunch; 13:00- 14:30


Session 3; 14:30- 16:00

Chair: Priscila Machado (UFRJ)

Combining forecast and mathematical optimization methods for the automation of replenishment ordersLuis Pita (Baobab SL)

Addressing aggregation errors in location models. Carolina Castañeda (UPF)

Automatic crime report classification with weightless neural networks. Priscila Machado (UFRJ)


Coffee Break; 16:00- 16:30


Session 4; 16:30- 18:00

Chair: Scott Grasman (Kettering U.)

Understanding travelers' behaviour through Big DataGines Leon (TiTSA SA)

Multi-Criteria Approaches for Green Logistics in Food Distribution Companies. Bartosz Sawik (AGH) & Elena Perez (UPVal)

Kettering University: The Future of Education Built a Century Ago. Scott Grasman (Kettering U.)


Friday 30 November 2018

Keynote Session; 9:30-10:30

Chair:Javier Faulin (UPNA)

Richer modelling of logistics problems using spatial data. Peter Keenan (UCD)


Coffee Break; 10:30- 11:00


Session 5; 11:00- 12:30

Chair: Jose A. Moreno (ULL)

Decision support for e-grocery operations facilitating consumer preferences and product shelf life dataChristian Fikar (WU)

Assessing business rules in routing decisions. Adela Pages (UdL)

Integrated Design and Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Plants in the shipbuilding industry: A MILP-based Decomposition Algorithm and Case Studies. Carlos Mendez (INTEC (UNL-CONICET))

Intelligent Eco-efficient Waste Collection in La Palma Island. Jose A. Moreno (ULL)


Closing Session; 12:00- 13:00

by Javier Faulin (UPNA)


Lunch; 13:00- 14:30